Dr Randy Marshall’s Gift to You

Dr. Randy Marshall said that if he had only forty five minutes to live and could share one thing, this is the speech he would share before leaving this earth.

Dr. Randy Marshall shared about the difference between desires and goals and it may not be what you think.  You’ll be amazed at his teaching.  It’s motivational, challenging and inspirational.

At the meeting, he gave us a Goals sheet (see below).  Fill it out as a great exercise to put into practice the lessons you learn from this powerful training.

Here is the Goals Sheet (Your Homework) From Randy

Dr. Randy Marshall also gave us permission to share a digital version of his training.   You can listen to the recording right here on this page below, or click here if you would like to download the MP3 and listen on your device.

Listen to Dr. Randy’s speech: The Power of Truly Understanding Goals